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Tamils for Clinton Congratulates Hillary Clinton and Urges Everyone to Support Her

PHILADELPHIA, USA, July 28, 2016 / -- 
On the eve of Hilary Clinton accepting her nomination as the Democratic party's Presidential candidate, Tamils for Clinton congratulated her and made an appeal to support her to ensure her victory in November.




Tamils For Clinton: New book reveals Trump's presidency will be ceased by Constitutional Crisis, Dictatorship & Hatred.

WASHINGTON DC, USA, September 30, 2016 / -- 
Member of Tamils for Clinton, Mr. Rajeev S. Sreetharan, a lawyer, writer, and human rights activist, has published a book titled "The Trump Card."

This book discusses how our country will suffer from Trump’s presidency due to his unpredictability, sexism, hatred towards immigrants, blatant lies and, his psychological volatility. 

Tamil spokesman for Tamils for Clinton stated, "Watching Mr. Trump on his campaign trail, we have witnessed his manipulation of domestic and foreign policies, his lack of knowledge of constitution and his display of unprecedented narcissism which would disqualify him from becoming president of the United States of America."